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Circle Healthcare Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Hospital

Our continuum of care is supported by an experienced and extensive multidisciplinary care team whose sole responsibility is to treat medically fragile patients with advanced technologies and sophisticated therapies and equipment, all of which revolve around compassionate patient-centred care.

Each team is led by a Specialist Medical Doctor who has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of sub-acute rehabilitation. They are supported by a team of specialist nurses and doctors, as well as allied medical specialists. Each case is considered on its own merit, and a team of necessary clinical and medical practitioners established as soon as the patient is admitted.



Circle Healthcare offers a diversity of medical, rehabilitative, and therapeutic services at a level of care that is far superior to general hospitals. Our sub-acute and rehabilitative programmes use interdisciplinary team approaches to patient assessments and treatments. Medical specialists, physical therapists, nurses with advanced clinical skills, case managers and other allied health professionals work together with patients to provide a pre-determined clinical-based outcome.

Our objective is that all our patients receive the finest managed health care services available anywhere in the country at a fraction of general private hospital costs.
Circle Healthcare operates with lower overheads than hospitals with expensive services such as critical care units and operating theatres. Studies of the industry consistently validate the cost-efficiency of sub-acute care while continuing to provide the highest quality of care possible.

Caring for people is a responsibility we take seriously. We know that providing sub-acute and rehabilitative care with evidence-based outcomes will help patients achieve their personal best. Our services and team reflects our commitment to quality care that is achieved through our knowledge, experience and ability to provide 21st century hospital care. 


To provide the highest quality, cost-effective sub-acute and rehabilitative care to our patients, through exceptional services in an environment of medical and nursing excellence.


To commit to a medical audit of the highest level that will in itself predetermine that the cost of our medical and rehabilitative care is affordable and genuine.


To assist you in achieving your goals in life, so that you remain focused and dedicated to your responsibilities.


To ensure that the business relationship we build is transparent, long-lasting and honourable.



The management structure of Circle Healthcare reflects crucial commitment to the National Health Guidelines, and the patient. Key features of the structure include the full involvement of the executive and non-executive directors at all levels. Circle Healthcare is divided into clinical and non-clinical directories, each headed by a director. Devolving responsibility in this way has ensured that decisions are made in the best interest of the patients we serve.

Our services are developed in tandem with the latest medical knowledge and technology available today. Our sub-acute and rehabilitative care rivals that of the finest multi-national private hospitals, offering realistic, cost-effective care.

Our staff are carefully selected then exclusively trained in the field of sub-acute and rehabilitative care, before being placed in one of our facilities. We regularly hold team building exercises which ensures the smooth operation of our hospitals. Regular clinical workshops also help to keep our sub-acute and rehabilitative care up-to-date and world-class.

The fact that our sub-acute and rehabilitative care is evidence-based using the latest clinical and patient history data, makes our services a sort after commodity amongst our referral base.



We have almost a decade of experience at Circle Healthcare, and are the oldest sub-acute service provider in South Africa. Our staff complement and medical infrastructure allows us to provide world-class sub-acute and rehabilitative care to all patients who come through our doors.

We are constantly changing with the times, ensuring that our infrastructure and staff are always one step ahead of the competition. We are unrivalled as a company. All the patients we have discharged have confirmed that the care we provided was the finest they had ever experienced.



At present we have a general information brochure that is distributed to the medical and allied medical fraternity on a monthly basis. We also provide medical aid members with general information brochures on specific topics.

We are currently working on an information magazine on the treatment plans and care we have provided our patients. This magazine will be distributed to the medical fraternity at a reasonable fee.


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Phone: (011) 485 0946
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